Jordan Peterson Explains How Grace Transformed Business

In this amazing interview of Jordan Peterson by Rob Moore, Jordan explains some amazing insights into business that most do NOT understand. I think this will not only transform your understanding of business, but it will show you how America’s system of GRACE that was previously unknown to the world enabled us to become such […]

Don Lemon – A Modern Day Rich Young Ruler

Jesus asked the rich young ruler, “why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone.” He did not say that He wasn’t good, and He also didn’t say that He wasn’t God. It’s pretty clear that Jesus was exposing that the young man did not recognize who He was, just like […]

A Tithe of Your Time

This world needs a change. And now more than ever it is vital that Christians become prospered so we can change the world.  When I began my online business 5 years ago I quickly gained enough freedom to move to the other side of the world (Romania) with my family of 5. My wife never […]

Can God Bless America?

Today is a time when most of us are singing, “God bless America” and enjoying the day we celebrate our nation’s independence. While it should be obvious that our nation is blessed by God, some Christians are joining BLM and Antifa in questioning if God has indeed blessed America, or if He is even capable […]

There is no Unessential Worker

In an ecosystem, the removal of a single animal or organism, through extinction or any other means, can lead to the collapse of that entire environment. Let’s pretend we are biologists who are tasked by the federal government to go into Yosemite National Park and remove just one animal that is not essential.  We do […]

Fight for your freedom

For 3 years I lived the reality of having others telling me when I could sleep, when I could eat, and when I could go to the bathroom…  I had no freedom at all. But this was because of my own actions. At just 18 years old I had earned my first felony for drug […]