A Tithe of Your Time

This world needs a change. And now more than ever it is vital that Christians become prospered so we can change the world. 

When I began my online business 5 years ago I quickly gained enough freedom to move to the other side of the world (Romania) with my family of 5. My wife never had to work and I was able to make an amazing income. I was then able to reinvest that income so that I could reach people with the Gospel and instruction that keeps people from falling into error.

That’s why I am so passionate about helping other Christians to start their own businesses, gaining the freedom they need to change the world on a large scale.

So today I want to share 3 simple things you can do immediately to get your online income off the ground in the next 30 days.

(If you have something going already, nice! Do these 3 things anyway and ASAP to grow your online business even bigger and get back a whole lot of free time.)

By the way, most people will never act on these things. 

They’ll think it’s either too simple, or they will lack the discipline to do them for long enough to see any results, or who knows. It’s good news for you, because therein lies…
Your Advantage!
Let’s get started.

Success Tip #1: Pay Yourself First

In the Bible you see the concept of tithing, where we give 10% back to God, through the local church or ministry. In the personal finance world, it is taught that you should pay yourself first. That means before you pay bills or anything else, set aside a certain percentage for savings and investments. 

But there’s something way more valuable than money because there’s a finite supply of it. 

It’s time. 

Each and every one of us, rich or poor, healthy or sick, young or old, only get 24 hours every day – and a lot of that time is spoken for already. Sleep, work, family commitments, time with Jesus and so on. 

It’s no wonder, then, that most people’s biggest problem when it comes to starting and running a successful online business isn’t inspiration or even motivation.

It’s spending actual time to do things you need to do as an entrepreneur.

There’s a whole ton of them in any business model, and they all need to get done.

Which is why you have to treat your time just like money. (What a novel concept – time is money, after all!)

Here’s what you do.

Pay yourself in time, and money will take care of itself.

There are 24 hours in a day, and sleep is non-negotiable. You gotta protect the asset, which is your physical body – without it, none of this will matter. That leaves us with 16 hours every day.

Invest 10% of those 16 hours in your online business. That’s 96 minutes every day, and if you can’t swing that right away, do 5% or even 2%, but make it a habit. That’s the most important part. 

I don’t mean consuming Youtube videos or podcasts, either. I mean sitting down and doing the necessary deep work that produces actual outcomes that move your business forward.

Where do you find extra 96 minutes (or less) every day?

My favorite time of the day is the early morning. If it means having to skip a Netflix marathon before bed in order for me to get up on time to work on my business, that’s the tradeoff I’m willing to make – because I’m definitely going to pay myself before Netflix!

For you, this might be different. You might be someone who does their best work at 2am and then sleeps until noon. If your lifestyle allows it, who am I to judge? Find what works for you.

But start paying yourself in time before everything and everyone else other than Jesus. He gave us our life and it is in both His interest and your interest to make yourself free.

Now what do you work on during that time?

Success Tip #2: Focus On One Thing

There’s this brilliant book by Gary Keller named The ONE Thing, which takes the well known idea that you should focus on something and get it done (and, it better be something that moves you closer to your goals)… 

And explains it brilliantly in a way that sticks.

(By the way, that’s a lesson well worth learning – if you take a simple insight that everyone kind of knows and are able to explain it in a way that sticks, you’re going to do very well.)


What trips most people up is not that they don’t instinctively know that they need to focus and create outcomes.

It’s the what exactly, specifically should you be doing?

You determine that by asking the following question:

“What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” (Gary Keller, The One Thing)

It’s the Pareto principle in action – since 80% of your outcomes are determined by 20% of your actions, take it one step further and determine what’s the 20% of the 20%? What’s the ONE thing you should do NOW to move forward in your business?

To me, right now, it’s writing this. For you this might be different…

… But notice how it doesn’t say anywhere that I should distract myself by checking Facebook or email or whatnot?

Speaking of email…

Success Tip #3: Build Your List NOW

No matter what your specific business model is, if you don’t have an audience of people that you can reach whenever you want – and who love hearing from you – I’d go as far as say you don’t have a business.

For me, the best possible audience a business can have comes in a form of an email list.

I treat it like gold and never compromise on the quality of my emails or anything. 

(Notice how most of what I send is WAY longer than what most people are sending?)

If you have a list, you have leverage and security. Keep nurturing it, email your audience frequently, and send them good stuff. These are the people you are called to serve.

There’s nothing wrong with promotions, either – if you’re genuinely excited about a product and genuinely believe it will help their lives.

If you don’t have a list, start building one now.

It’s not even that difficult… it’s that most people just won’t do what it takes.

What you’re going to need is a lead magnet (and it doesn’t have to be a long, elaborate PDF – a checklist of things you shouldn’t do when starting your day as an entrepreneur will do just fine, for example), a way for people to sign up and get that lead magnet (any autoresponder will do just fine) and some traffic to a page where people can sign up. That’s it – that’s how you build the most powerful asset your business will have.


To sum this up, since 1) you have to pay yourself first, 2) do one thing that matters, and 3) the most important thing you can build for your business is an email list… it kind of seems like you have your work cut out for you for now. Hope this has helped!